Single Storey Home Designs

The convenience of everything on one level, combined with single storey style that is second to none – welcome to our single storey design range!

There’s something great about having everything on one floor in a home, and that’s something we understand here at Danmar Homes.

At Danmar Homes, we have created a varied selection of single storey designs to suit our many customers.  From singles to couples to families – we have a style that is sure to exceed your expectations.

Each of our single storey designs maximises space, creating a remarkable sense of openness as soon as you enter.  All of the great things about modern single storey design are incorporated into every individual design, so be sure to take some time to explore the possibilities.

After all, your home is your dream, and at Danmar Homes, we build dreams.


Sorted by frontage size, then price low-high

10-11m frontage



12-13m frontage



14-15m frontage